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Our History

Our Kids First was founded in 1987. It was established as an assistance program for inner city youth that provided tutoring, counseling, training and guidance.

OKF gained its 501 (c) 3 status in 1991. Since its inception, OKF has continued to serve the community through a variety of educational programs, such as an after school and  summer programming.

The program name in itself describes our sole purpose for existence--to focus on the needs of young people first.

Our Mission

Our Kids First is a non-profit organization committed to providing academic, social, and cultural enrichment to young people by educating and preparing them to be successful, independent and responsible members and leaders of society.

Board Members:

Shawn Dawkins

Lucrezia Roberts

Kevin Tucker

Craig Jones 


Our Kids First is a fundamental partner of the OMICC (Oceanview, Merced, Ingleside – Community Collaborative) in District 11 with the District Supervisor Ahsha Safai.
The collaborative meets monthly and shares resources with other organizations that serve the same community with the other organizations like the OMI/Beacon Youth Center, YMCA Stonestown and Out of Site Youth Center. 

Our Partners:

(Formal & Informal)
District 11 Supervisor Ahsha Safai
San Francisco Christian Center
Citywide Tutorial Program/SFUSD
OMI Community Collaborative
DCYF (Department of Children, Youth & Families)
Longfellow Elementary
San Francisco Christian School
Bank of America
United Way
Children's Council of San Francisco
Community Health
America's Charities

Many years = Lots of Love